To contact Margaret Atwood, mail may be directed to:

Margaret Atwood
McClelland & Stewart Ltd.
c/o Penguin Random House Canada
320 Front Street West, Suite 1400
Toronto, ON
M5V 3B6

The Larmore Literary Agency represents film and television rights and English language publishing rights in Canada and the United States.

Phoebe Larmore
The Larmore Literary Agency
916 Marco Place
Venice, CA
90291, U.S.A.

Vivienne Schuster of the Curtis Brown Agency represents English language rights in all countries except Canada and the United States. Betsy Robbins of the same agency represents the translation rights for Margaret Atwood’s works.

Curtis Brown Literary Agency
28/29 Haymarket
London, England

For Foreign rights queries contact:

To inquire about inviting Margaret Atwood for a speaking engagement contact:

The Lavin Agency
119 Spadina Ave #1200
Toronto, ON
M5V 2L1

The Lavin Agency
1123 Broadway, Suite 1107
New York, NY
10010, U.S.A

Research and academic inquiries should be directed to:

Thomas Fisher Rare Book Library
120 St. George St.
St. George Campus, University of Toronto
Toronto, ON
M5S 1A5

For inquiries concerning permission to reprint material, please contact the publisher of the text in question.

Note: For legal reasons, Ms. Atwood does not read ANY unpublished material. Please do not forward any unpublished work to any of the above addresses.

A Message from Margaret Atwood *

Dear readers, publishers, and fellow writers: Here are some guidelines about what Margaret Atwood cannot do:

1. Due to the sheer volume of requests Ms. Atwood receives, for any and all requests, the office requires a minimum of one week’s advance notice.

2. For many, many years, Ms. Atwood has not written blurbs or quotations for other books (See The volume of requests was simply too high.

3. Ms. Atwood cannot write an introduction to your book.

4. Advice to writers can be found on this website, in Negotiating with the Dead: A Writer on Writing, in Ms. Atwood’s various books of essays, and from time to time, on her Twitter account.

5. For legal reasons, Ms. Atwood cannot read unpublished manuscripts; please do not send your manuscript.

6. Ms. Atwood already gives to a large number of charities and causes; please do not add to the requests.

7. Ms. Atwood can no longer send “Sorry, can’t do it” or “Thank you for the book” replies to solicitations, books sent, or other such items. Please think about the paper, postage, and fuel wasted with each request. Thank you for respecting our planet!

*Margaret Atwood has no Myspace page. The only official Facebook page is monitored by Margaret Atwood’s publishers.