MaddAddam Games

Intestinal Parasites

Now you can go deeper into the MaddAddam experience by downloading Intestinal Parasites, the first game in a series of MaddAddam Games. Become the avatar at the other end of what happens when Zeb’s nightmarish video game playing and software hacking expertise merge.


As an undercover MaddAddam operative it’s up to you to use a hacked version of the Intestinal Parasites game, originally developed by Helthwyzer biogeeks, to steal Helthwyzer’s nasty, top secret, bioweapon gene experiment and deliver it to the MaddAddam underground laboratory across the country.

Holy pigoons! While pilfering the radioactive genes you’ve accidentally been exposed to them! Parasites in various organs are suddenly mutating and could turn your body into a festering patty-melt, or crawl through your brain and out your tear ducts, unless you act fast.

While leading you to the resources needed to foil corps security and deliver the bioweapon genes to MaddAddam, this mobile version of the Intestinal Parasites “game” transforms your smart device (tablet or phone) into a SelfAID (Self-Administered Ingested treatment Device) so you can maintain your God’s Gardener plant strong health on this perilous mission.

Using the SelfAID, you can direct the smart drugs you glean along your journey to where in your organs the mutating, barb-faced parasites are eating you alive. Be sure to administer the drugs to the bugs along the shortest blood vessel route possible: The longer both the bugs AND drugs are in your system, the faster your health will decline.

Travel swiftly and in good health comrade. Our future depends on you.